Vadim Mahin, "Kazakhstanskaya Pravda» (№65), April 4, 2014

    The Afghan war has a special place in modern history. This world event will be a long time to study the historians and analysts. Passed 25 years since the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, through the crucible of this war have been 22 269 Kazakhstan, 889 - left on the battlefield, 21 - went missing, 484 - returned to the disabled.
    It is known that the preparation and holding of any military operation is preceded by the work of "the invisible Front fighters". So talk about the scouts, sometimes without knowing how exactly these words reflect reality.
    Many scouts Kazakhstan participated in combat operations in Afghanistan. In July 1980, a special unit of the first control of the Kazakh SSR State Security Committee was formed group "Altai" from the number of existing KGB officers, reserve officers and conscripts. It was intended for use by foreign intelligence lines in wartime, if necessary, in time of peace. Direct involvement in the formation of the "Altai" took Colonel Kabdolda Bekzhanov, while the senior detective special forces.