Vadim Mahin, "Kazakhstanskaya Pravda» (№65), April 4, 2014

    The Afghan war has a special place in modern history. This world event will be a long time to study the historians and analysts. Passed 25 years since the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, through the crucible of this war have been 22 269 Kazakhstan, 889 - left on the battlefield, 21 - went missing, 484 - returned to the disabled.
    It is known that the preparation and holding of any military operation is preceded by the work of "the invisible Front fighters". So talk about the scouts, sometimes without knowing how exactly these words reflect reality.
    Many scouts Kazakhstan participated in combat operations in Afghanistan. In July 1980, a special unit of the first control of the Kazakh SSR State Security Committee was formed group "Altai" from the number of existing KGB officers, reserve officers and conscripts. It was intended for use by foreign intelligence lines in wartime, if necessary, in time of peace. Direct involvement in the formation of the "Altai" took Colonel Kabdolda Bekzhanov, while the senior detective special forces.

    "Altai" was transferred to Afghanistan in July 1980. Zone team action was the province of Ghazni, which is south-east of Afghanistan. There are in contact with local authorities carried out agitation and propaganda work among the population to establish proper order in remote villages located on the outskirts of the province. Combat training was useful in the first few days on the ground in Afghanistan. In clashes with mujaheds tactically competent and fearless actions of the driver APC Sergeant Amir Abdullin and his comrades allowed in unfamiliar mountainous terrain under fire from Mujahideen suppress enemy firing points, which eliminated the losses among the personnel of the unit.
    At that time, many gangs have stepped up sabotage and terrorist activities. Bandits killed civilians - doctors, party activists, peasants who received land from the government. They blew up and burned schools, power plants, poisoned the sources of drinking water.
    During the next operation, one of the groups that accompanied the convoy at the request of the provincial governor with local party activists, was ambushed, which was organized by a former graduate of the Academy of the General Staff, known field commander Said Jagran. In this battle, "Altai" suffered the first losses. Killed spetsrezervist, driving a motor vehicle head. Group saved from certain death, Colonel Toleukhan Bokazhanov who under heavy fire ran to the lead vehicle and then put the column of the gorge.
    In December 1980, after receiving information about the intention to implement dushmans terrorist attack against the governor of the province of scouts led by Colonel Victor Shiyan, he discovered five hastily disguised powerful bombs. Nine thugs who had taken refuge on a nearby hill, opened fire to prevent fighters disarm deadly bookmarks. During the shooting of the gang members were eliminated. Their commander captured V.Shiyanom.
    "Altai" command with honor and dignity has gone through the Afghan war and received combat hardening. Much of the credit in the education and training of security officers scouts in Kazakhstan belongs to the veterans A.Baygarinu, V.Prudnikovu and M.Isinu who directed intelligence management.
    Reserve Colonel, Fellow KNB Kabdolda Bekzhanov grown son and daughter, brings grandchildren. Currently K.Bekzhanov, being the head of the public association "Veterans -" Afghans "and the name of the club's front-line newspaper" Kazakhstanskaya Pravda ", spends most public work.